Connecting Decagon to Slack

Adding Decagon to Slack is a great way to allow your team to stay in Slack and handle escalations in real-time. To integrate Decagon with Slack:

Step 1: Create Slack Channel

Create the Slack channel that you would like Decagon escalation messages to go to (if needed)

Step 2: Connect Decagon to Slack via OAuth OAuth

Go to to add the Decagon integration to your Slack -- make sure that the Slack workspace you are adding it to is your own Slack workspace!

After this, make sure that the Decagon Bot is added to the channel you created above.

Step 3: Notify Decagon

Finally, reach out to your Decagon account manager to let them know the name of the Slack channel you want escalation messages to be sent to.

That's it! You should now start seeing escalations in Slack.

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