Exporting Conversations via Fivetran

This guide demonstrates the simple process for connecting Decagon to your data stack using Fivetran


This document provides a step-by-step guide for setting up a custom Fivetran connector using our Google Cloud Function for exporting conversations.


Steps for Integration:

  1. Access the Fivetran Portal

    • Log in to your Fivetran account.

  2. Create a New Connector

    • Go to the 'Connectors' section, select 'Create a new connector', and choose 'Google Cloud Functions' as the connector type.

  3. Configure the Connector

    • In 'Destination schema', specify your target schema for conversation exports.

    • For 'Function Trigger', use the provided Google Cloud Function URL:

    • Add a secret named apiKey to securely store your Decagon API key. Note: The “Provide Invoker role to service account” step is pre-configured and can be skipped.

    • The configured connector should look similar to below example:

  1. Save & Test

    • Verify your setup by saving and testing the connector configuration to ensure it can invoke the Google Cloud Function successfully.

    • Successful configuration should be similar to below example:

  1. Set up a destination (if not already configured)

    • Add a destination of choice

  2. Start Initial Sync

    • Once the connector and destination has been configured, start an initial sync

  1. Verify the table schema

    • Once the initial sync is complete, the conversation table schema should be visible on the “Schema” tab (example below)

  1. Verify Exported Conversations in the Destination Database

    • After completing the initial synchronization, you can confirm the success of the data export by querying the destination database

select * from “destination_schema”.conversation;


If you encounter any issues or have questions during the setup, please contact our team for assistance at support@decagon.ai.

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