Full-page Embed

You may also add Decagon as a full-page embed, also as an iframe! Similar to adding the Decagon widget, this is as simple as loading a JS script.

Step 1: Create a container for the embed

To define where the embed should go on your screen, create an element (e.g. div) the id decagon-embed-container. It's recommended to make this container large and take up most of the screen. For example,

// ...
<div id="decagon-embed-container"></div>

Step 2: Add the embed script

<script src="https://decagon.ai/loaders/<your_company_name>_embed.js" /> 

That's it! Now you've loaded the full-page embed inside your container and you're good to go. Your users will be able to interact with the full experience inside your container.

Step 3 (Optional): Setting user metadata and more

The same functions as the primary Decagon widget are available to you. Just call them from window.decagonEmbed. For example, if you want to set user metadata to identify the user, just call window.decagonEmbed.setMetadata({...}).

Read more here.

Authentication is done similarly:

// Set the user id
// Set the user authentication information
window.decagonEmbed.setUserIdAuth(signature, epoch)

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